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Traditional Time Recorders

Traditional Time Recorders and Clocking In Machines

With the advancement of technology the Traditional Time Recorder has gone a long way over the last 20 years. The growth and development of computerised attendance software has made a big impact on time attendance in the workplace. However you can still buy or rent a simple and reliable Traditional Time Recorder for humble money. For many companies with up to 25 staff this is still perhaps the most economic and straightforward option and at Allday we offer a range of quality Traditional Time Recorders to choose from.

Alternatively for companies who need more than the basic time recorder, you are now able to buy a PC linked system for a similar price to a traditional time recorder. The maintenance on these systems is greatly reduced as they now contain virtually no moving parts, this is especially true if choosing a biometric unit which will read the palm of your hand or your fingerprint with no button pressing needed.

The days of writing out hundreds of clock cards each week are also avoided even with a card/ fob based system as the new cards/key fobs do not need changing from week to week as with the Traditional Time Recorder.

Traditional Time Recorders and Electronic Time Stamps