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SEIKO TP50 – Ultimate Electronic Time Stamping

Original price was: £274.00.Current price is: £269.00.

Discover the Seiko TP-50, the pinnacle of time management technology. With advanced features such as dual-line printing, customizable print patterns, and USB setup options, it streamlines time recording processes effortlessly. Versatile yet user-friendly, it’s ideal for various applications, from job costing to ticketing. Experience precision and reliability with Seiko’s legacy, enhanced by the TP-50’s innovative design.

Introducing the Seiko TP-50: The Ultimate Time and Date Stamp Time Recorder

Welcome to the future of time recording with the Seiko TP-50. Building upon the trusted legacy of Seiko’s precision and reliability since 1881, the TP-50 takes time recording to the next level with its advanced features and intuitive design.

Key Features:

  • Dual-Line Printing: Enjoy the flexibility of printing up to 2 lines automatically, enhancing efficiency and customization.
  • Multiple Print Patterns: Store and access up to 4 print patterns with the touch of a button, allowing for quick and convenient printing options.
  • USB Setup and Transfer: Set up and transfer data via USB memory stick or through PC setup, ensuring seamless integration into your workflow.
  • Clear Graphical Display: Navigate effortlessly with a clear graphical display featuring text and icons, making operation intuitive and user-friendly.

Versatility Meets Ease of Use:

The Seiko TP-50 is designed to be versatile yet easy to use, catering to a wide range of applications including:

  • Job Costing in vehicle servicing and repair garages.
  • Time Attendance in workplaces.
  • Delivery and dispatch in hospitals, businesses, shops, and warehouses.
  • Ticketing and ticket validation in car parks and laundries.
  • Check-in and check-out in hotels, day care centres, and care homes.
  • Document issuing and receiving in stock brokerage, banking, local government, and college coursework.
  • Recording transactions in financial sectors.

More Details:

  • Versatile Number Counter: Enjoy flexible counting options ideal for ticketing and other applications.
  • Customized Comments: Create up to 8 bespoke formats or ‘customized comments’ for tailored outputs.
  • Shifted Time Printing: Print future dates and times, perfect for expiry dates, retail readiness, food preparation, and lab applications.
  • Easy Alignment: Adjust and fix the printing position with the slide lever and paper guide gauge for precise prints every time.

Special Offers:

Looking for affordability without compromising quality? Consider our ex-demonstration or ex-rental Seiko TP-20 units, fully serviced and backed by a 6-month warranty for just £159. Contact 01252 517123 for availability.

Installation Service:

For a hassle-free setup, take advantage of our installation service through Allday Time Systems. Our experienced engineers will ensure seamless installation and provide 12 months of on-site support for complete peace of mind. Call us on 01252 517123 or email [email protected] for more details.

Experience the future of time management with the Seiko TP-50. Order now and revolutionize your time recording processes.