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Time Attendance API Integration and Payroll Links

We are an official SAGE software developer and our software links directly to SAGE. This means that the time and attendance records can be easily exported to payroll in a very convenient and efficient way.

For other payroll packages our software will produce a file in the required format for importing. Saving you time and work at each payroll run with no need for re-keying of any data.

For further details or to arrange a demonstration of our time and attendance software please contact us on 01252 544457.

Time Attendance API integration services

As a full Time Attendance solution developer one of our key strengths is the ability to provide bespoke solutions that other suppliers cannot.

  • We can send time attendance records to your API
  • We can provide modern time attendance terminals such as face fingerprint RFID card or palm readers that send attendance events live and these events can be routed to your system or solution for local processing as required.
  • We can accept Time attendance events to our cloud solution from your system via our attendance terminal emulation API.
  • We can syncronise employee data with microsoft sql or Oracle databases.

For further details or to arrange a demonstration of our time and attendance software please contact us on 01252 544457.

Integration with Evalu-8 Employee Management Software

We Have an existing integration with the Evalu-8 system. This integration allows clients to take advantage of our advanced biometric attendance units and send live attendance records to Evalu-8

Evalu-8 provides busy managers with comprehensive, easy to use and affordable employee management software to save time, effort and money.

Designed by human resources, health & safety and training professionals and suitable for all businesses, any size, industry or location; Evalu-8 is packed full of features to support you and your employees.

Fourth Hospitality Time Attendance Integration

Time attendance integration with Fourth Hospitality

We have an existing integration with the Fourth Hospitality solution allowing the use of our full range of modern time attendance hardware to be used to record your employees attendance.

Speak to us to take advantage of the latest innovations in biometric attendance terminals.  Face readers, fingerprint readers, palm readers, RFID proximity card or fob readers, take your choice.

BrightPay Payroll Software

BrightPay is a payroll software that makes managing payroll quick and easy. The desktop-based payroll software is available for both Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X and can be installed on up to 10 PCs.

WINNER of Payroll and HR Software of the Year 2021, Payroll Software of the Year 2019, Payroll Software of the Year 2018, Best Payroll Software 2020, and COVID-19 Hero Supplier.

BrightPay is fully HMRC recognised, supports all RTI submission types and includes full auto enrolment functionality. New and improved features include integration with accounting software and the ability to batch process multiple employers at the same time.