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Security Access Control

Using RFID or Face recognition or Fingerprint Biometrics for access control

At Allday Time Systems, we’re committed to providing state-of-the-art Access Control solutions that blend our century-old legacy with cutting-edge technology. With a strong emphasis on the latest technology, our expertise dating back to 1910 ensures we recommend the most suitable Access Control System to meet your specific needs.

Leveraging advanced biometric authentication methods such as Face and Fingerprint recognition, our Access Control systems can offer unmatched security and convenience. Our nationwide coverage across the UK and our built in support packages guarantees the reliability and peace of mind essential for your security needs.

Choose from our range of Access Control solutions, available as standalone door entry or access systems, or seamlessly integrated into a central unified cloud system. Our systems not only ensure security but also enhance operational efficiency, with optional integration into payroll systems, including Sage software, for streamlined management.

As an independent manufacturer, we have the flexibility to offer you the latest and most reliable Access Control technology which continually evolves to keep up with market trends and security requirements. Trust Allday Time Systems for innovative solutions, unparalleled expertise, and dedicated service in the realm of Access Control.

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Freetime Pro access control system components

A comprehensive access control management software

Facial recognition for time attendance

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition technology offers a myriad of benefits for access control, making it an increasingly popular choice for modern security systems. Unlike traditional methods such as key cards or PINs, facial recognition provides a seamless and contactless means of authentication, enhancing convenience while minimizing the risk of unauthorised access through stolen or misplaced credentials.

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Facial recognition for time attendance or access control
Access control biometrics

Fingerprint readers

Fingerprint recognition stands out as a highly secure and reliable method for access control, offering numerous advantages in modern security systems. With its unique biometric identifier, each individual’s fingerprint provides an unparalleled level of accuracy and authentication, virtually eliminating the risk of unauthorised access. Unlike traditional methods such as keys or cards, fingerprints cannot be lost, stolen, or duplicated, ensuring robust security measures. Fingerprint recognition systems are also exceptionally fast, allowing for rapid authentication and seamless access, enhancing both security and efficiency.

Fingerprint rfid water resistant ip65

Combined options Fingerprint/Face recognition + RFID readers

RFID cards or fobs can be used on our biometric hardware in isolation or as a security enhancement 2nd factor.

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) cards or fobs offer a versatile and convenient solution for access control in modern security systems. These compact devices utilise radio waves to transmit data wirelessly to a reader, allowing for seamless authentication and entry. One of the key advantages of RFID technology is its ease of use and convenience, as individuals can simply present their card or fob to the reader without the need for physical contact or intricate authentication processes. Additionally, RFID cards and fobs can be easily distributed and managed, making them a practical choice for organisations of all sizes.

Implementing two-factor identification, where RFID cards or fobs are combined with an additional authentication factor such as a PIN code or biometric scan, this significantly enhances security measures. This multi-layered approach adds an extra layer of protection, requiring individuals to provide two separate forms of identification before gaining access to a secure area. By combining something the individual possesses (the RFID card or fob) with something they know (the PIN code) or something they are (biometric data), two-factor identification substantially reduces the risk of unauthorised access and strengthens overall security posture. This added security layer is particularly valuable in high-risk environments or areas where sensitive information or assets are stored, providing enhanced peace of mind for organisations and individuals alike.