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Seiko TP20 Time Stamp (Refurbished)


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Seiko TP20 (now replaced by Seiko TP50, please call 01252 544457 for details).

Top quality Electronic Time Stamp from Seiko.

The Seiko TP20 clock is a multi-purpose time recorder. It will print the time and date on cards or job tickets for payroll or costing jobs. The Seiko TP20 can also print an additional 6 digit number which advances due to your requirements, giving each clocking a unique identity (typically used in garages, dealing rooms, goods in /despatch departments).

  • Manual or automatic print
  • Automatically adjusts for daylight saving time, short months and leap years
  • Maintains clock and program data after power cuts
  • Programmable printing: day or date: AM/PM or 0-23 hour: 0-60 minutes, 10th or 100th minutes
  • Programmable printing format : year, month, day, date, hour, minutes, seconds, incrementing number (various combinations available)
  • Up to three lines of programmable text may be printed (separate insertion needed for each line)
  • Bell ringing option available

Seiko has been known for precision, reliability and excellence since 1881.

Seiko TP20 Leaflet

Looking for a bargain priced Seiko TP20? then why not consider an ex-demonstration or ex-rental unit fully serviced and with full 6 months warranty guarantee. Contact 01252 517123 for availability.

We also offer an installation service. An experienced engineer will attend your site to set up and install the Seiko Tp20 for you. With our Seiko TP20 installation service we will also provide on-site support giving you complete peace of mind.

Finally, if you are interested in our installation service then call us on 01252 517123 for more details.

Why buy Seiko TP20 from us?

We are an official Seiko distributor for the UK.

Therefore we only use geniune Seiko products.

Set-up of the Seiko TP-20 included at no extra charge.

Delivery by tracked courier.

Ex-demo or ex-rental machine £149 (6 months warranty)

Extra print ribbon £10.00

Seiko TP20 Refurbished £149

Seiko TP20 Refurbished TP20 £149