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How it works

How it works

how to get simple time attendance setup

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Allday Time Systems now offers a comprehensive choice of integrated hosted web based solutions.

First of all, you can choose if you want a fully comprehensive solution known as FreeTime or if your working arrangements are more simple you can choose our Primetime Web solution. Each of these options can be tailored to suit your needs. As our systems are designed to be integrated, you can even choose one package and take some of the features from the other package if you prefer – the choice is yours.

Simply select the level of system you require and follow the links to subscribe to that service, then depending on your need select and purchase an attendance terminal.

Book Absences

Primetime Web

Allday’s integrated hosted solutions are designed for all sizes of organisations. For those who want a basic easy to use web hosted time attendance solution we recommend Primetime Web this is a modular system so you can start with a basic system and add to it as your needs change over time and as your organisation develops or grows.

The PrimeTime Web solution even has a free/ no cost level, which includes the ability to add and save your employee basic details, calculate employee hours and overtime plus store your employees standard working week for future use. You can add features when you need so you never need to pay for features you do not want or need. Create a free account

For a small monthly fee, you can also add the ability to import attendance records from a file that your attendance terminal creates to a usb flash drive. You will then have the facility to produce attendance and personnel reports, including reports via email, the ability to allow for late entry (‘grace’) and early exit allowance and rounding of the attendance totals to avoid those odd minutes adding up. More info

Further features can also be added such as the ability to connect an Attendance Terminal for live data transfer, and an employee absence calendar so you can book and manage your employee absences too on the same system.

We offer very competitively priced mail order Time Attendance Terminals as well as a full on-site installation service by our in-house Time and Attendance engineers.

Cloud Time Attendance

FreeTime Web

If your requirements are for a more comprehensive attendance solution then we recommend our Freetime web Time Attendance solution

Freetime is a comprehensive hosted and fully supported attendance solution suitable for all size of organisation from 20 to 20,000 employees and offers our most advanced rules engine and a full suite of attendance features suitable for the most demanding requirements. UK National hardware installation service available. Find out more