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Attendance Units

Face and Temperature Attendance terminal

Built in Id Technologies

Face reader, with optional Mask detection

Employee Temperature measurement

RFID Card or fob reader

PIN entry


Built in WiFi

User Voice prompts

Large Colour TFT touch Screen

Face and Temperature Time Attendance terminal

Employee Capacity

Up to 3,000 employees.

Using Face and RFID or Pins

TimeKeeper Attendance Terminal

Built in Id Technologies

Fingerprint Reader,

RFID Card or fob reader

PIN entry


Live Feed to Cloud Attendance Systems

Built in WiFi

User Voice prompts

Large Colour TFT Screen

TimeKeeper Contactless Cloud connected Attendance terminal

Employee Capacity

Up to 3,000 employees.

Using RFID Fingers or Pins in any combination

Mobile App for Time Attendance

Built in Security Technologies

Geo location

uses Server Time and Date

PIN entry

Other Features

Live Feed to Cloud Attendance Systems

Roll Call reporting for whole system

Employee IN OUT logs view

PT1400 Attendance Terminal

Built in Id Technologies

RFID Card or fob reader

PIN entry


Live Feed to Cloud Attendance Systems

Built in WiFi

User Voice prompts

Large Colour TFT Screen

PT1400 Contactless Cloud connected Attendance terminal

Employee Capacity

Up to 3,000 employees.

Using RFID or Pins in any combination

Contactless Time Attendance And Access Control Solutions

Contactless Technology allows users to clock in or out or gain access to a building or room without the need to touch the shared device or terminal.

This has several advantages such as the prevention of cross contamination between users in the work place. Also because no moving parts are present this eliminates mechanical breakdown and increases reliability with less down time giving a system you can rely on.

We have a range of terminals and options with no need for any physical contact with a shared device to register an In or Out for contactless Time and Attendance.

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Contactless No Touch RFID

The main features of an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) contactless no touch system work on RFID technology with an embedded chip and aerial encapsulated within a card or a key fob. Each user has their own unique card or fob assigned to them on registration/ enrolment.

The time attendance terminal sends out an RF signal that extends up to 10 cm from the unit this is reflected back to the unit by the users ID card or fob. This reflected signal contains a code that is unique to the user and can then be stored as an In or Out transaction.

Contactless No Touch Biometrics For Time Attendance Or Access Control

Contactless no touch Biometrics for Attendance can use modern Face Recognition with optional Temperature reading or Palm Vein readers units. With either of these solutions there is no need for contact so reducing the risk of cross contamination between users.

Contactless Exit Switches

Contactless Exit switches can be used to replace push to exit switches or push buttons. There is no physical contact – just wave a hand in front of the unit will activate the door lock or barrier

Allday Clock In App

Our latest App allows users to clock In or Out on their smart phone with no need to use a shared device.

The App technology uses Geo location to record where users registered the clock In / Out, making it ideal for home workers and field service staff.

The Allday Clock In App needs to be linked to an existing Freetime Hosted System, PrimeTime Web Account or ATM system on a rental arrangement.

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Allday Palm Reader 8000. Ultimate Biometric Device – Fujitsu ‘Palm Secure’ biometric technology scans the user’s palm veins – Maximum accuracy and security (10 times more accurate than typical finger print reader) – LCD display, Green/Red LEDs and voice instructions for simple enrolment and use.

Face reader terminal for safe secure access control or Attendance for your business

Face reader terminal for safe secure access control or Attendance for your business.

Fingerprint/RFID attendance terminals

Timekeeper Attendance terminals with WiFi and free Time Attendance Software

Timekeeper terminals are supplied with a free very basic Attendance software for as little as £195 More details Timekeeper terminals are also designed for use with our Paid for Primetime Web Hosted cloud based Time Attendance system as such you will need to have an active account in place to use these terminals with this service.

The terminals are available with Fingerprint Biometric option and RFID card reader option as well as also having a PIN option should it be needed.

All terminals come with :-

  • Built in Fingerprint reader / RFID reader or both as appropriate ,
  • Built in WiFi,
  • Keypad for data entry and use of employee PIN if required,
  • Standard network Tcp/ip connection,
  • large full colour display
  • Voice prompts for enrollment and confirmation of clocking In / Out
  • live connectivity to Primetime server
  • USB socket for manual data download where a network is not available
  • 1 years warranty
  • user setup guide (but you can always ask us too if you get stuck)
  • 240v ac adaptor.
  • Wall mounting plate & desk top stand.

If you are Adding The Timekeeper to your Primetime web account Terminals when purchased will be connected automatically to your Primetime web account if you have one, so please use the same contact details as your account is set to when ordering your terminals.

There is a charge for these terminals to be added to your Primetime web account and this will be included in the order process which will create a subscription for the terminals.

More details

Allday PalmReader 1000

  • Highly Secure Biometric Identification
  • Reads unique internal vein pattern of the palm
  • 10 times more accurate than typical fingerprint reader
  • Connect to wired or WIFI network
  • Use for Time Attendance / Access control
  • Contact-less and hygienic
  • Easy to use Simply “Show Palm ” and it works

PalmReader Leaflet

The Ultimate Biometric Identification solution incorporating Fujitsu Palm Secure reading technology offering optimum levels of security.

The Allday PalmReader terminal works by detecting the structure of the pattern of veins inside the palm of the human hand. This contact-less, hygienic system offers maximum security as well as maximum precision.

Spoof Proof – Palm veins are complex and stable and being inside the body are difficult to forge.
Only a live palm will be read by the technology thus preventing spoof attempts.

Palms can be dirty greasy sweaty cut or damaged and still be usable. Left or right hand can be used.

The Palm Secure technology has been tested using collected data samples of 140,000 palm vein patterns to verified reliability of the palm vein authentication technology for recognition accuracy and rate of applicability. There were no cases in this data sample for which the technology was not applicable, demonstrating its high rate of applicability. This compares to typical fingerprint unsuitability of between 3% and 5% of population who cannot use a typical fingerprint reader reliably.

Minimizes hygiene concerns during scanning as the scanning of the palm vein pattern is completed in mid-air without the need for the user’s palm to touch a surface.

Palm Secure Biometric Attendance & Access Terminal

The PR6000 PalmSecure terminal is a modern biometric terminal.

It is for door access control or for personnel to clock in or out by use of their Palm, using the same Fujitsu palm vein reading technology as the Palm Reader 1000 terminal.

Colour touchscreen display.
Wall mountable.
Standard TCP/IP port
USB socket for data upload/download from flash drive
Proximity card option also available
Can be used as an independent access control unit
links to Allday Time Manager attendance software

Fujitsu Palm Secure PSN900

PT1400 Proximity Finger Print or RFID Proximity attendance terminal

The PT1400 attendance terminal is a modern terminal allowing personnel to clock in or out by use of Fingerprint or keyfob tokens or credit card size cards with embedded RFID identity chips . The terminal can also identify the users with a password PIN.

  • Colour display and audio indications on clocking in/out.
  • Wall mountable unit.
  • Can be used as pin entry device.
  • Connected via TCP/IP to your network.
  • Memory stick -Collect data manually if no network wiring is available using a memory stick (useful for remote or dispersed sites).

More Detils


Allday Scribe – Proximity Attendance & Information Terminal Overview

Proximity RFID Attendance Unit with Colour Touchscreen Display

  • Modern Stylish Proximity Unit – using Fobs or ID Cards
  • Real time display of employee clocking records
  • Smart colour touchscreen
  • User friendly interface
  • Wall mounted – vertical as shown (or horizontal)
  • Back up battery
  • Waterproof (IP55)
  • Ethernet IP interface
  • 240 v or P.O.E. (Power Over Ethernet)

Allday Scribe Leaflet Allday Scribe – Technical specifications
Interface: 4.3 inch 480×272 backlit LED display – resistive touchscreen.Ports: 1 external USB 2.0 port – 1 Ethernet 10/100 POE A&B compatible with HTTP and FTP standard protocols.Input/Output: 1 configurable relay and 2 digital inputs for dry contactsPower Supply: POE or connected to 240 V, with back up battery for one hour of operation in case of power failure.Optional internal Wifi (occupies Ethernet Port)Audio: Internal buzzer

Physical Features: ABS VO housing, Waterproof and dust proof to IP55 rating. Dimensions 150mm x 85mm x 35mm. Wall mounted with integral back plate.