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How can my employees record their attendance?

How can my employees record their attendance?

Recording Employee Attendance

Employee attendance is normally recorded with the use of an attendance terminal linked to the system (we offer a full range of modern attendance terminals for you to choose from). The attendance records created at the terminal (e.g. by the fingerprint /RFID card or Fob/ or Pin entry) can then be automatically sent and processed by the system – which then produces the employees attendance hours for you.

Alternative options are also available, such as the use of the mobile app so your employees can clock IN and OUT on a smart phone or tablet, this is particularly useful for remote employees. Data can also be imported from your existing attendance terminal via a usb file transfer if the existing attendance terminal supports this feature. Managers can also enter data directly into the system onto the time cards of the employees. Time cards can be auto populated with your employees normal work times and then edited by exception, to save time re-entering these details.

Attendance Terminal choices

Allday Time can supply a variety of attendance equipment which will link to our online hosted solutions, choices are dependent on which hosted solution you opt for but include :-

    • Fingerprint Reader or Palm Vein Reader
    • RFID card reader or Keyfob reader
    • Built in WiFi / PIN Entry

More info about our cloud based attendance system

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