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Palm Vein Access control / Attendance Units

Contactless Time Attendance And Access Control Solutions

Contactless Technology allows users to clock in or out or gain access to a building or room without the need to touch the shared device or terminal.

This has several advantages such as the prevention of cross contamination between users in the work place. Also because no moving parts are present this eliminates mechanical breakdown and increases reliability with less down time giving a system you can rely on.

We have a range of terminals and options with no need for any physical contact with a shared device to register an In or Out for contactless Time and Attendance.

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Allday Palm Reader 8000. Ultimate Biometric Device – Fujitsu ‘Palm Secure’ biometric technology scans the user’s palm veins – Maximum accuracy and security (10 times more accurate than typical finger print reader) – LCD display, Green/Red LEDs and voice instructions for simple enrolment and use.