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Professional Time and Attendance Software

Our Time and Attendance Software is under constant development, using the latest modern techniques and development tools, enabling it to keep up with the latest business trends and needs giving our many clients the tools they need for success.

Cloud or web based Time Attendance solution

Live Information at your fingertips

Time and Attendance Software is a critical Business tool . Accurate up to date Information is vital and provides the basis for commercial success. With the Allday Time Manager Time and Attendance System you can view clear live data regarding your most expensive asset, your workforce.

Multi site Time and Attendance Software

With use of the latest Technologies of Microsoft Dot net development tools and Microsoft Sequel Server database’s. This attendance system can handle multi site operations with ease, therefore allowing fast access for management from all sites to view or edit own staff. In Addition edits made at one site are instantly available to view or report on across all sites.

attendance system connection diagram

Improve Efficiency with workflow

Staff outside your office asking about holiday allowances. Or absence approvals. Or maybe how many hours did I work last week, also how much overtime. You can release your managers or HR staff to be able to work more efficiently without these disturbances.

With Allday Time Managers web based workflow, employees can view their own records also run own reports of attendance or absences. Furthermore they can make workflow requests for absence, which can be approved or denied by their own manager.

Also with our Scribe self service Time and Attendance terminals the staff can view their own attendance records. As a result leaving your payroll or HR staff to get on with their work more efficiently.

Cloud or web based Time Attendance solution

Web connect

Access the Time and Attendance Software while on the go via your mobile device or from your tablet at home or desk top computer in the office.

The Employee Status Panel. Do you need ESP?

  • Easily See who is present in the company this morning
  • Know if you have enough people to run the shift
  • Quickly find who is absent this morning
  • For more information about Allday Time Manager software select the following link Time and Attendance Software with ESP

Working patterns and shifts

Allday Time Manager can easily accommodate a complete range of working arrangements, from fixed hours and rotating shifts to flexitime and remote site operations.


User Login :-Allday Time Manager incorporates a flexible user password system hence users can be restricted to varying levels of access including enabling them to only view or edit the staff that you need them to.

Data in transit:– Our software also has built in additional data security including separate data encryption keys for every page of data and separate keys for each customer to secure data while in transit from server to client. Also where web browser client is in use Https secure protocol is available.


Run a live fire roll call report direct from your desktop or your mobile device. For either all sites within your organisation or just a single building.

Biometric Attendance clock

Attendance terminal hardware

Allday Time Manager uses either the latest Biometric Palm Reading hand scanning or Scribe proximity information terminals or Fingerprint or Face readers so giving both flexibility of choice and security where needed.

Proximity RFID Attendance Unit


The system can grow with your business. System is available with incremental employee options so it can grow as you do. In addition you can also add various modules or hardware as required.

Implementation and integration

The system is also supplied with Microsoft Sequel Server express as standard. Furthermore it will run using your existing SQL install. In addition Allday Time Systems provides Integration services to integrate with existing solutions such as Oracle or other SQL databases.

Financial options

The system can be supplied on a fully installed set-up and maintained basis. This will include support arrangements or rather it can be offered as a rental system with maintenance of hardware and software covered for the period of the rental.

Download our Time Attendance Software Brochure for further info