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SQL Microsoft Sequel Server

Allday Time Systems have developed an advanced Time Attendance System called Allday Time Manager that uses SQL databases. Conventional time and attendance systems have previously used flat file databases such as Microsoft fox pro or Microsoft Access. these flat file databases were fine for stand alone single computer use but once you need access to these database files across a Local Area Network or Wide Area Network data access became increasingly slower and slower the larger the databases became this is due to the need for the whole database to be copied to the local pc before it can access the single piece of data required.

With SQL however this is not the case the piece of data requested is all that is sent to the local pc this in itself is a huge advantage allowing massive improvements in speed of operation allowing it to be used across narrower lower speed links such as a Wide Area Network or the internet. This advance allows company’s to centralise the time and attendance system where they have many sites spread across the country or in several country’s. This task is further helped by the additional storage capacity for data that is offered by SQL databases where flat file databases became unstable at sizes approaching 1GB ,SQL databases have advanced features which allows them to go far beyond this. File locking on older database types meant it was hard to truly offer multi user access to the system this is not a problem in Allday Time Manager allowing many users to view the data simultaneously.