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Clock Card Calculator


A Clock Card Calculator Plus extras.

If your employees currently use a traditional time clock and you wish to keep this recording method but benefit from an onlineĀ  clock card calculator system with features listed below. Or alternatively you have an existing Attendance terminal you wish to keep using which is either Fingerprint , RFID card or Face Recognition and are happy to transfer the attendance file manually to the file drop page via the use of a usb flash drive. Then our Primetime Web hosted attendance software could be what you need.

Add your employees basic detail.

You can store your employees historic attendance records each week allowing you to review them later when needed. By storing your employee detail this will save you time and allow you to get more benefits from using the system such as running reports.

Improve your process and Save time.

If you do not wish to use an attendance terminal and wish to continue with your existing attendance cards or clock machine cards but still want to benefit from our Clock card Calculator features. Good News you can simply store your employees normal working hours from his/her clock card and then edit them each week by exception (you do not have to add the times each week just the ones that are different from normal) this will give you an electronic clock card with minimal investment in time and cost.

File Drop and process

If you have an existing Fingerprint or RFID terminal you may have bought on the internet with no software . Such as an A5 Time clock or A6 Time AttendanceĀ  clock . Or similar you can import the records from these devices into our software.If you are unsure contact us for further details. Alternatively you can get one here

A5 Time recorder software

A6 Time recorder sotware

Run simple Attendance and personnel reports

Run built in Clock card reports with hours totals and personnel details reports.

Round your employees hours

Employees hours can be rounded as required such as to the next 15 minutes or 30 minutes.

Employee allowances

Employees who arrive a few minutes late can be given an allowance so they are not penalised by the loss of a full 15 minutes or 30 minutes for example. The same can be added for possible early departure too.

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