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Freetime-Prime Entry level Time and Attendance System

  • Employee options start Start at 25 staff
  • Employees can use Either Fingerprint or RFID or PIN
  • Mail order Package
  • WiFi Terminal with live data transfer
  • Support included


Freetime-Prime Time and attendance

See below for details of our Entry level Time and Attendance System

System includes:-

  • Our UK hosted Cloud Time and Attendance software
  • For up to 25/50/75/100  staff
  • Either Fingerprint Biometric or RFID
  • Mail order Attendance Terminal
  • Fire Roll Call
  • Free Support included

Features include:-

  • Choice of Biometric fingerprint or Proximity terminal
  • Employee capacity expandable to 100 or above
  • Pin entry available on both terminals if needed
  • Clock card /Absnces /Fire roll call reports
  • Departments setup
  • Exception reporting
  • Uses Allday Time Systems designed and developed software
  • Free built in live chat comprehensive helpdesk support and set-up assistance
  • Tcp/ip network communications as standard with WiFi and live data options
  • Collect the clockings with a USB stick if no network connectivity at site.

Proximity RFID terminal, Biometric Fingerprint terminal