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Facial recognition time and attendance how it works

Facial Recognition time and attendance how it works

Introducing our latest facial recognition terminal. The Faceprint 2 which can be used for either time attendance or access control  for up to 2,000 staff.

You may think your mobile phone is good because it recognises your 1 face to unlock, but imagine how much more difficult it is to recognise any one of 2,000 faces rejecting all others. Our latest unit has been designed to perform this task with ease while looking great too.

So how does it do this? To start with the unit is equipped with 2 x 100mb cameras giving it the ability to use extremely accurate binocular vision.

The Images it obtains from the hi quality cameras allow it to create a face map with proportional depth and spatial differences. this is then compacted to remove all gaps etc. and converted to a series of numbers and letters representing the relationship between the data points.  This is then stored as the template. As you can appreciate this method ensures there is no possibility to recreate a face image later, and the original images used are not stored.

when a face is presented to the unit the same process is performed in a fraction of a second and the resulting template is compared to the stored templates. This along with a powerful processor allows the unit to perform this check very fast, so fast the user will normally not notice this happening.

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