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Biometric time attendance why?

Facial recognition for time attendance

Thinking of switching to a biometric time

attendance or

access control system? Here’s 4 reasons why you should:

✔ Enhanced System Security and Confidence

Biometric systems prevent ‘buddy punching’ and ‘time theft’, ensuring that users are authentic and therefore attendance records are genuine. Using biometrics rather than cards, fobs or PIN numbers gives confidence that the system is recording the correct people and gives added security – particularly when the device is used to control access through a door or barrier.



✔ Improved Employee Morale
‘Buddy punching’ might cause a decrease in employee morale. When team members clock in for each other, it can create a perception that the workload unfairly shifts onto certain individuals. This can breed frustration and a perception of leniency towards dishonesty. Additionally, it may spark conflict within the team.

✔ Increased Convenience
Using a biometric system means that your staff won’t have to worry about leaving cards or fobs at home or l

oosing them, all they have to bring is themselves! With a touch of a finger, palm or just by presenting their face, staff can clock in with ease.

✔ Saving Money And More Sustainable
Biometrics are a lot less wasteful than other methods of clocking in. With biometrics, there is no need to buy replacement cards or plastic fobs for clocking in, so not only do you save money in the long term, but also this is a much more sustainable option for your business and your green credentials.

We offer a full range of biometric technology options including finger print, Fujitsu palm secure and face readers, which all work with our cloud based time attendance software. If you’re looking for some cutting-edge technology to improve the security and efficiency of your business, chat to a member of our team today or ask for a no-obligation demo.

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