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Allday Clock In Mobile App

Allday Clock In Mobile App

Our Allday Clock in mobile app which is available for Android and IOS will enable your employees to clock IN or OUT via a mobile phone. Records are securely stored on our hosted PrimeTime system.

Mobile App users can :-

  • Create a clock IN event which is geo located
  • Create an OUT event which is again geo located
  • Run a report for their own IN OUT events for a date range
  • Run a Roll call report for all staff or for a particular location within the company *
  • Note: each location requiring to be separated on the Roll call report will need a separate attendance device.

Managers can authorise or deny use of the Mobile app for individual employees via the PrimeTime site or hosted Freetime system or local Allday Time Manager application software.

Managers can view Geo location records via a built in link to Google maps for the IN OUT events created.

Mobile attendance records are displayed and calculated in the clock card screen of your PrimeTime account producing hours and optionally pay totals.


Records are syncronised to your existing hosted Freetime system or local Allday Time Manager system for processing as standard attendance records in that system.

To use the mobile app you will need to either already have:-

  • A supported Allday Time Manager system installed, or
  • a Freetime hosted system, or
  • subscribe to the Primetime cloud based time attendance system service above.