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Allday Time Manager Help

Is Support Always Included?

This depends on the system you have and what arrangements you have made.

If you rent your system then support is always included. and you can contact support via the live chat system from within the support section of our website or email [email protected]

However if you purchased your system and are past the initial period of free support you will need to arrange annual support cover.

If you have upgraded to our hosted web based system called Freetime then this system is a fully supported system, we include unlimited support to help you with additional advice or assistance – at outset and ongoing. This support is available from within the system via live chat, by email or via telephone if needed. This does not expire and is provided for the full term of the system.

We have more than one terminal – will I need to enrol my employees on every terminal they use?

This will depend on which type of terminals you are having. Also how up to date your software is. For the below information we presume your software is fully up to date.

Fingerprint – if you are having multiple fingerprint terminals then instead of enrolling on each terminal you can enroll on one terminal and use the ‘Enrollment Terminal’ facility in the software to automatically add your employees to other terminals.  The ‘Enrollment Terminal’ is the terminal used for the enrollment – which may not necessarily be the actual terminal the employee will normally use (for example, you may wish to do the enrollment process at a head office).    

To make use of this facility, when adding an employee to the software you will select a ‘Enrollment Terminal’ for each employee. When you save the new employee in the software, the employee’s name and id number will be sent to that ‘Enrollment Terminal’.After this has been doneyou can enroll the employee at that ‘Enrollment Terminal’ by looking up the employee record on the terminal and adding the employees fingerprints to it.

Once the fingerprints have been enrolled on the ‘Enrollment Terminal’ they will be automatically collected to the software and sent out along with the employees name and id number to any other attendance units you have selected in the software for the employee to use. Which means they will not need to enroll at more than one terminal. So selecting the correct Enrollment Terminal (that is the one used for enrollment) is important as it will save you needing to enroll each employee multiple times.

Palm Readers – if you are having multiple Palm Readers then when you are adding the employee within the software, you will use the ‘enrol now’ feature to activate the terminal enrolment process.  This will then enable you to enrol the employee’s palms onto the enrolment terminal.  Once this is completed the employee’s details will be collected by the software and distributed to any other terminals they are authorised to use.

RFID / Proximity terminals – where you are using a fob or card to clock in or out, the Enrollment terminal will not be needed as when you add an employee to the software, the details are sent automatically to all attendance devices the employee is authorised for.

Face Terminals – where you are using more than one facial recognition device, then the employee will need to be enrolled on each terminal they are authorised to use.

What is ‘My Shift’? 

As you add new employees in the software, you will see the default shift suggested for each employee is ‘My Shift’. My Shift is a simple shift system allowing a very basic and flexible approach to shift requirements. On My Shift each employee can be allowed to clock in flexibly with no set start or end time, with optional breaks and roundings, which can be set in the shift tab of each employee. You can also set times during the day when you do not pay these workers, for instance before 6am or after 5pm. watch this video for more info

What is a reporting ‘Period’? 

For the purposes of the system, a ‘Period’ is a reporting length or duration, such as weekly or monthly. The system contains many reports that you can create, some are titled as ‘Period’ reports. These reports have the term ‘Period’ in the report name which indicates that these reports will only run for a complete period or multiples of complete periods. For example, if you run a weekly period starting on Monday then the Period reports will need to be set to run from Monday to Sunday, or a wider date range and only any full periods found within this date range will be included in the report (i.e. partial periods will be excluded).

What format types are reports available? 

The system produces a full range of pdf reports as standard. CSV and Excel reports are also available but must be requested initially from the Support Team who will write these for you. These will then be available within your system to run as and when you need them.

What do I do if I forget my Username and/or Password? 

If you have forgotten your Username and/or Password, please contact us on 01252 544457 or email us at [email protected] so that we can get a remote session onto the computer to reset your password and check your Username.

How do I connect to the Server, if the software says “Unable to Connect to ATM Server”? 

If you are getting a message stating that you are not able to connect to the server, check that the ATM Service Controller on the server or PC that is acting as the ATM Server is green (the service controller will be in the bottom-right corner of your screen in your task bar). If the server controller is red, simply right-click on the service controller and click on “start”. The service should then go amber, then green. If the controller is green and you are still unable to connect, please contact us so that we can investigate further.

Why do I get an error message saying “Generic GDI+” when trying to run a report? 

This message will occur if you do not have full rights to the ‘Allday Time Systems Ltd’ folder on your PC. Your IT or systems administrator should be able to change this for you, or alternatively, you can contact us to see if we are able to change your rights to the folder.

How do I add the software to a new PC?

If you are on support, you can call us and we can arrange a suitable time to do this for you. Alternatively, you can use the install disc. From the Autorun screen, click on ‘Install ATM Software’, then continue until you get to where you can choose ‘Typical’ or ‘Custom’ install. Choose ‘Custom’ and set it so that only ‘Desktop’ and ‘reports’ are to be installed (and HIDIDMonitor if you have an EP1200 Proximity Terminal). Once the install is complete, you will need to ensure that you have full rights to the Allday Time Systems Ltd folder (typically c:\program files\Allday Time Systems ltd).

We have missed clockings for all employee’s. Where can they be?

This may be as a result of the system no longer being able to communicate with the terminals, which can be caused by a network problem, or a network cable being unplugged. Check all cables and ensure that if the terminal has an IP address, this is reserved and has not been given to another device on your network. If you are still missing clockings, please call us so that we can investigate further. Do not fill in the missing clockings with Manual clockings, as this can cause problems in the database when the original clockings are brought into the system.

How do I change my shift settings or add a new shift into the system?

Shifts can be quite bespoke and therefore if you would like any modifications made to your shifts, or would like any additional shifts added into your system please contact the support team to discuss your requirements on 01252 544457 or email [email protected]. Alternatively you may be able to use MyShift for full flexiblility. (See what is Myshift above for further details)

How do I backup my data?

If you have access to the main Allday Time Manager server you can backup your database from within software via the “Data” menu and selecting backup. Using this method you can backup to either a memory (USB) stick or to the local drive of the server. Alternatively if you have a scheduled backup routine of your server already in place, simply ensure that the “Allday ATM Data” folder is included in this routine. This folder is normally a subfolder of “Allday Time Systems Ltd” which is typically located within the “Program files” of the main Allday Time Manager server. It is recommended that this whole folder is backed up as part of your scheduled routine. If in any doubt or should you require any assistance, please contact the support team on 01252 544457 or [email protected]

Why does an employee’s “in” and “out” clockings seem to be reversed / out of order?

This typically occurs when an employee who can work overnight misses a clocking, such as they forgot to clock in and therefore the system will take their OUT clocking for that day as their IN clocking and their next IN clocking as their OUT clocking and so on creating a domino effect (depending on the duration between these clockings). To correct this would require manually editing the clocking times, in this instance we would recommend running a report such as the “Clocking History” report to ensure you had a record of these times. To help prevent this issue, ensure that only employees who work overnight are on an overnight shift and instruct employees on the proper clocking procedure.

When I try and run a report, I am getting an “No Data to include in this report” message?

(Also see what is a reporting period above)

Some of the Attendance Reports within Allday Time Manager are period reports (such as the ‘Full Period Details Report’). These reports will need to be run for the duration of at least one of your reporting periods. For example, if you have a weekly reporting period, with a Monday Start, you will need to ensure that the ‘From’ date is set to a monday date, and the ‘To’ date is set to the sunday (even if you are trying to run the report for the current week). You can run these reports for more than one period so long as the dates are set from the beginning of the first period to the end of the last period that you want to run the report for. If in any doubt or should you require any assistance, please contact the support team on 01252 544457 or [email protected]

The videos below are for our latest web Hosted Freetime system. Allday Time Manager windows systems of any age can be upgraded to this Freetime system allowing you to take advantage of many new developments and features.

What is “MyShift” ?

Easy to use flexible working shifts.

Log IN

How to log in to your Free Time System

Add Employees

How to add employees to your Free Time system

Edit Attendance Records

How to add or edit attendance records for individual employees.

Running a Report

How to run a report for Time Attendance

Booking an Absence

How to book edit and view absence records

Managing Workflow Requests

For Managers or system administrators

if you need any further help please use the live chat at the bottom of this screen where you can discuss live with our support team or send them an email.

if you need any further help please use the live chat at the bottom of this screen where you can discuss live with our support team or send them an email.

if you need any further help please use the live chat at the bottom of this screen where you can discuss live with our support team or send them an email.

if you need any further help please use the live chat at the bottom of this screen where you can discuss live with our support team or send them an email.

Click on image for enrolment guide
Click on image for enrolment guide
  • Click on image for enrolment guide
    Click on image for enrolment guide

if you need any further help please use the live chat at the bottom of this screen where you can discuss live with our support team or send them an email.

This may download to the bottom of your browser or into your downloads folder depending on your browser.

once downloaded please click run and when the application opens tell the Allday Time support Tech the 9 digit id and password.