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What happens next ? Setting up your time attendance system.

Thank you for placing your order we appreciate your custom. And if you have not yet done so we hope you do trust us with your custom soon.


First you will get email confirmation of your order

Then within 1 working day

  • Your cloud time attendance system account will be setup with all the options you chose.
  • You will be sent your login credentials by email from the support team.
  • If you ordered any attendance terminals these will be set to send any attendance records to your account live as they happen and the attendance units will be tested and sent to you via DPD 24hr delivery.

When can I setup my employees ?

You can add your employee details into the cloud account as soon as you receive your account credentials.

If you have any questions the cloud system has built in to every page a live chat system with our own real person support staff waiting to help you.

When can I use the mobile clocking app ? 

If you ordered the mobile app as part of your order you can then download this to mobile devices and using the employees email and pin to log in that you set for them in the cloud account start to use it to create geo located  attendance records for any employees you have added to the cloud account.  These will appear directly in the employees clock card screen along with links to geo location on google maps.

What should I do when I get my attendance terminal

The terminal will come with a quick start guide but see below for an overview too

  • Unpack the terminal and place it on a desk
  • Plug in the power adaptor and power it on
  • Plug in the network cable into the terminal and into a network socket or router ( do this even if you intend to eventually use WiFi for the connection)
  • As long as your network allows internet connection your terminal will now connect to your cloud account within a few mins
  • Enroll at least one employee on your new terminal using fingerprint RFID card or PIN, making sure you set this employees id the same as the id you have set for them in the cloud account eg if they are id 101 in the cloud account please add them as employee id 101 at the terminal too.
  • Create a few attendance records for this employee on the terminal.
  • After a few mins you should be able to log into your cloud account and go to this employees clock card and select a date range that includes today and view the attendance records you just created.
  • Now you will have confidence the system is fully working and you can move on to fitting the attendance unit to a wall and maybe setting up WiFi connection if you like using the provided user guides to do so.

What if I need help ?

Help is included in your system at no extra cost for whenever you need it simply use the live chat found on every page and also on the login page for the system or on every page in our  web site. If all our support team are already chatting or not available at that time you can send an email from this system too and as soon as they are available they will assist you.