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Fingerprint/RFID Attendance Terminal For Freetime Prime System


you can only add the first attendance terminal to your system without a connection charge all  extra terminals will incur a connection charge

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Timekeeper Attendance terminals

Timekeeper terminals are designed for use with our Freetime-Prime Web Hosted cloud based Time Attendance system as such you will need to have an active account in place to use these terminals effectively.

The terminals are available with Fingerprint Biometric option and RFID card reader option as well as also having a PIN option should it be needed.

All terminals come with :-

  • Built in Fingerprint reader / RFID reader or both as appropriate ,
  • Built in WiFi,
  • Keypad for data entry and use of employee PIN if required,
  • Standard network Tcp/ip connection,
  • large 4 inch full colour display
  • Voice prompts for enrollment and confirmation of clocking In / Out
  • live connectivity to Primetime server
  • USB socket for manual data download where a network is not available
  • 3,000 fingers and 200,000 record capacity
  • 1 years warranty
  • user setup guide (but you can always ask us too if you get stuck)
  • 240v ac adaptor.
  • Wall mounting plate & desk top stand.

Terminals when purchased will be connected automatically to your Primetime web account with the same email address you use when ordering so please use the same contact details as your account is set to when ordering your terminals.

There is a charge for these terminals to be added to your account and this will be included in the order process which will create a subscription for the terminals.

Terminal Type

1x Fingerprint Time Clock with RFID & PIN & WiFi, 1x RFID Time Clock with PIN & WiFi, 1st Attendance unit connected to my system with Fingerprint RFID & PIN & WiFi, 1st Attendance unit connected to my system with RFID & PIN & WiFi, I already have a terminal just need connection charge

RFID Attendance Cards

25 RFID attendance cards, 25 RFID attendance key Fobs, Not Needed


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