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Greetings from Allday! We’re constantly working on enhancing our software with new features and improvements. Please find below the details of our latest build. If you have any suggestions or requests, kindly reach out to us at [email protected].

Build Release Notes: 

New Rotas module: 

  • Introducing the Simple Employee Rota system, enabling managers to create employee rotas for various departments.
  • Managers can assign shifts and allow employees to choose from available shifts in a self-service mode.
  • Automated notifications alert managers if any shifts remain unallocated to ensure proper staff coverage.
  • Employees can set their availability calendar to determine their working days.
  • Enhanced rules for shift cancellations to prevent last-minute staff shortages.
  • Automated email notices keep employees and managers informed of any changes.
  • More features will be added in upcoming builds.


Report engine dramatic speed improvement 

Data heavy reports now benefit from an improved reporting engine which uses background processing and data storage intelligently to greatly improve the speed of common reports.


Additional Filters added to exceptions management screens

New filters allow the selection and deselection of all exception types as well as filtering for status of resolved or unresolved allowing granular control of what the operator sees and needs to work on.


Revamped Weekly payroll report

This report has a revised presentation making the data more clear and easy to view.


Hr dashboard upgrade

The Hr dashboard now states both ratios and actual live totals on mouse hover for the data displayed.


Coming soon in upcoming builds

Mobile app workflow added to the attendance app: 

  • Employees can clock in and out using the mobile app, creating geo-located records.
  • New features include:
    • Absence entitlement visibility for employees, showing entitlement, booked balance, and remaining balance for each category in the current absence year.
    • Built-in workflow for requesting absences from managers (requires the workflow module in the main product).
    • Progress tracking for absence requests and the ability to cancel requests.
    • View of other staff absences within the same section, department, or company to prevent conflicting absence requests.

New MyShift features: 

  • Manager Overtime approval workflow: Managers can set periods for overtime approval and receive notifications for approval.
  • Operator setup for New Flexi Breaks: Managers can add and configure employee flexible breaks.
  • Operators can add standard and custom exceptions, highlighting unusual attendance events.
  • Operator setup for Special Hours: Custom special hours setup, accounting for special rates, bonuses, or other considerations.
  • Operator setup for Overtime: Easy configuration and editing of overtime rules.
  • Shift Map: A graphical view of all shift setups, providing a clear understanding of the setup items.

New Labour Costs report to spreadsheet: 

  • Detailed breakdown of employee labour costs (pay, company costs, charge out costs).
  • Site labour costs breakdown (pay, company costs, charge out costs).