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System security reminder

Ensuring system security remains our utmost priority, and we approach this matter with great seriousness. While the system boasts numerous built-in security features, we recommend that you regularly review your personal settings to maximize protection for your system data. Taking control of security settings within your access helps prevent any potential breaches and to keep you in compliance with current legislation.

MFA is available for your system

We strongly recommend this is enabled to increase your system security.

Talk to our support team who will be happy to guide you through this.

What is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?

Passwords alone are not effective in securing your most sensitive business assets, as they have become too easy for Cyber Criminals to access. MFA is an important security enhancement that requires a user to verify their identity by providing more than just a username and password. It requires a user to also provide a one time PIN sent separately to the registered user via another separate channel.

How does MFA Protect My Business From a cyber Threat?

If a password is compromised, MFA creates a second barrier that makes it much harder for the Cyber Criminal to access your systems employee data.

Example: Unfortunately, you received a convincing phishing email from what you thought was your system provider or work colleague. You entered your credentials into the fake website, giving the imposter your username and password. Thankfully, you have MFA enabled on this account. In addition to a username and password, a user also needs a security key to be granted access. Because the criminal did not have access to this security key, you were able to avert the crisis.

How do I enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?

This feature is a global feature so when enabled all admin users will need to use MFA to access the system.

Before enabling this feature ensure all admin users of the system have a valid email address in their account, then Activate the feature.

The feature activation is found in “View Settings” page towards the bottom of the page.

What else can be done to protect my system

Allday Time can if required apply a white list to access your system. A white list will only allow pre registered ip addresses access to your system this prevents anyone who is accessing the system from doing so if they are not using a preregistered IP address.

Always keep your credentials safe. It is important to keep your username and password safe as giving away your username gives the Cyber Criminal 50% of the answer.

Never leave you system logged in if you are away from your computer.

If possible ensure when logging in you are not being overlooked.

Use a secure password that cannot easily be guessed, and do not write it down where it can be easily found.

If you have any questions on this subject we are here to help simply contact our support team for assistance.